Bible Verse Songs

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Understanding Scripture through Song

As a young Christian we sang Bible songs such as "I am the Resurrection and the Life," "Behold, Behold, I Stand at the Door and Knock, Knock, Knock," and "I Know Whom I have Believed". Many times I was not aware that I was actually singing a Bible verse. Later I would find the verse in my Bible reading and would be surprised I had already learned it.

Bible verse songs are a wonderful means of memorizing Scripture. Music has a rhythm and when that rhythm locks the words of the Bible into it, the verse is much easier to recall. Television advertisers have used this for years to get the name of their product into the minds of the public. I can still recall advertising songs I learned as a child over 50 years ago!

However, though poetry is easy to put to music because of its meter, Bible verses are not so written. Ways to do so successfully is the subject of another article. But when it is done well, the words flow with the tune and each note demands the correct word.

Scripture songs not only help us memorize verses, they also help us remember the verses. When I am speaking, I often think of a verse set to music and am able to quote it accurately. However, mentally I am actually singing it in my mind quickly The rhythm and accents of the song was the aid to remember it.

Several years ago I taught third grade in a Christian school. Some of my students had difficulty learning the memory verse for the day and I wanted to help them. The answer was music. Singing the verse aided them in both learning and retaining it.

This has also been for me a means of meditating on the Bible. The song plays over and over in my mind and so do the words. The Holy Spirit has thus used this to apply the Bible verse to my life in numerous situations.

A good song will, in fact, bring out the meaning of a verse. An example of this is found in a verse that, in the KJV, contains a misplaced modifier, 2 Corinthians 5:21. The verse reads, "For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin" The verse is obviously not teaching that we are sinless but that Christ is. The meaning is clear; the song helped to clarify it for instruction.

Bible songs are also effective means of presenting the Gospel. One year for a parent meeting in our Christian school, I taught my class the entire Roman's Road of verses and they sang them as their part of the program. The plan of salvation was clearly presented to any relatives who didn't know the Lord.

The final advantage of Bible verse songs is their aid to those of us who are getting older. I find it much more difficult to memorize anything and retain it now than I did when I was younger. But I can still remember a song and thus, music, for me, helps me learn and retain what I am learning.

God invented music. God is the author of Scripture. When the two can be joined in Bible verse songs, the result is a special and unique blessing from the Lord.

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